5 awesome tips on how to choose a diving shop

    Tips para elegir una empresa de buceo - San Andrés, Islas

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of options you find when you seek for something to buy? Or a service you want to hire, say about SCUBA diving?

    Well, if this actually happens to you regarding diving gear, we invite you to solve your doubts here. But if your doubts regard to -who to go SCUBA diving with-, here, we’ll show you 5 tips to choose a diving shop.

    Tip 1. Security when choosing diving companies

    Safety is everything. Seek for well-trained personnel. Take into account that SCUBA diving is an activity that inside of your/its limits keep it harmless.

    However, accidents may happen and that’s why we strongly encourage you to ask for credentials and certification cards to the diving-shop SEO before going out to a diving experience.

    During the selection process to go diving, usually, you’ll establish the first contact via e-mail (or alike) to make them any question you have. Among your doubts, you have your right (and duty) to request credentials, teaching status, and certification level from your potential SCUBA instructor/divemaster.

    This will guarantee that you’ll be accompanied by properly well-trained personnel to attend any situation before, during and after your immersion.

    Tip 2. How many people can be in charge of a PADI instructor?

    Ask for the charge capacity per instructor.

    According to the PADI standard, it will be ok to have four SCUBA students per instructor and two more if a divemaster joins the excursion.

    This allows the instructor to give a personalized attention and to keep the whole situation under control, even more inside water. If the excursion is performed by certified divers, the relation is six per one instructor.

    Remember, to exceed the standard may have its own risks. A SCUBA instructor is something close to a -hero- but they definitely won’t do any miracles.

    Tip 3. Reputation of diving schools in Google and Social Networks

    Check their reputation on social networks (Facebook and Trip Advisor).

    The same to other kinds of travelers, this is a tool that has become the common choice by the scuba divers. 50 or more qualifications is a representative sample for its mean/average (I know, this sounds too nerd), and this will allow you to have a robust idea about the personnel and diving-shop performance. 

    Tip 4. Now, make a contact with the company that seems most appropriate

    Look for a straight contact. Type them, chat with them, call them, look for answers that come directly from the diving shop of your interest.

    Ask them all the questions you have concerning the activity and wait for their answers.

    A responsible diving-shop ought to answer in no more than two days (maybe I’m being too lax), once they’ve answered you, think about the way they did it.

    Were they clear to answer your questions? were they kind? Indeed, amongst your questions, you’d like to know about the diving prices and plans, so that we recommend you to read tourists diving prices and costs and this leads us to the last but not least tip No. 5.

    Tip 5. Pay attention to their dive prices

    Pay attention to the price offer.

    Within the offer of prices on the site of your holiday, it is normal to find a wide offer of prices to dive. However, sometimes prices stand out because they are very high … or very cheap. BE CAREFUL!

    Diving prices are usually associated with the quality of your experience. When a diving school sells very cheaply it needs to sell in large quantity so the volume of people during a dive can be so high that it borders on discomfort and insecurity.

    Think about it this way, if what you were to do is bungee-jumping, would you prefer to pay 20 USD or 30 USD?

    However, a very high price – not necessarily – ensures you the best service.

    Try to compare the cost/opinions relation in social networks. The most common is that you find better grades in diving-schools -relatively- more expensive.

    In fact, for a diving instructor, it is “easier” to work with 6 people rather than 12 at the same time. This assures you that the service will be five stars. When did you pay for an Uber at subway/bus/metro price?

    Nelson Yesid Ramos
    Certified PADI Instructor – CEO Divers Team

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